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The Collingwood Arts Center offers a diverse and vibrant community of artists in a culturally rich and sustainable neighborhood. The facility houses over 25 visual arts studio spaces of varying sizes, as well as nine music studios and one dance studio. Parking is accessible and spaces can customized based on needs.

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Selection Process

  • Applications for current vacancies are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed as soon as possible.
  • Application fee is $25.
  • Applications are reviewed by The Collingwood staff and board members.
  • Interviews are conducted by The Collingwood staff and board members.
  • Waiting lists are maintained for one year.

Selection Criteria

  • Artistic medium of applicant must contribute to maintaining a balance of mediums represented at the Center. For instance, a healthy range of medium includes, but is not limited to: music, painting, ceramics, photography, and sculpture.
  • Artistic medium of applicant must be compatible with others sharing studio space.
  • Applicant must demonstrate ability to perform volunteer duties to support the The Collingwood’s programs and operations.
  • Applicant must demonstrate a commitment to use the studio space on a regular basis.
  • Applicant must have satisfactory personal references, background and credit checks.
  • Applicant must have a satisfactory interview.

Summary of Terms

  • At signing of Lease, artist will deposit first month rent and security deposit equal to one month’s rent.
  • Rent is due on the first of each month. A $25 late fee will be added to the rental cost after the 15th of each month.
  • Studio artists are held to the rules list in the Studio Conduct Agreement. The Collingwood has the right to revoke the contract of any renter in violation of conduct or rental agreement.
  • The Collingwood provides heat, electricity and trash removal services.
  • Lease terms are six (6) months.

Studio leases are written for 6 month periods only, with the contract reverting to a month to month basis after the original 6 months. Restrictions: these spaces are for studio work space only. They may not be used as residential spaces. Utilities are included in rental rate. Return completed application and $25 application fee to: Collingwood Arts Center, 2413 Collingwood Ave., Toledo OH 43620.



14' ceiling, 1 window, 1 radiator


Starting at $80/month



1 window, 1 radiator, 1 closet


Starting at $155/month



2 windows, 2 radiators, 2 closets


Starting at $210/month